October 25, 2021

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
Langevin Block
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister:

On behalf of the members of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA), I would like to extend congratulations on your government’s recent re-election.  This new Parliament promises to be instrumental in positioning Canada for its post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

Canada has weathered the COVID-19 crisis with commitment and innovation.  Throughout this time, Canada Port Authorities (CPAs) have been doing their part to continue operations, move cargo, employ people, and support communities in a sustainable, safe and innovative manner, all with remarkably little disruption.  As generators of wealth, innovation and sustainability, CPAs are well-positioned to help drive Canada’s economic recovery.

Now, Canadians are looking to the future and how we will emerge and prosper.  The COVID-19 recovery is a unique and critical opportunity to transition or even catapult Canada into the position of global leader in green, inclusive, digital, and resilient port supply chains.  The recovery will require trade and global connections to build wealth and CPAs can facilitate this.  Our association is eager to work with your government, including Transport Canada and Natural Resources Canada, on how trade-enabling ports of the future can be a cornerstone of this recovery and the accelerating global fuel transition.

There is an urgency to our offer to work with you to develop the sustainable port infrastructure needed to ensure that Canada remains connected with global fuel and trade flows.  Changing and increasing capacity demands, the energy transition, environmental regulatory requirements and global fleet renewal to larger vessels are factors driving the need for CPA infrastructure that is built for the net-zero fleets and fuels of the future.

Ports around the world that were already innovating pre-pandemic have accelerated their responses and governments have pledged support and stimulus for sustainable port infrastructure.  The maritime energy transition will rely on shore-side, port infrastructure to support the new fuels and technologies that vessels will be moving to in the quest for sustainability and net-zero.  Canada’s ports have a short time frame to prepare for these changes and will need policy and funding supports to do so.

Once again Prime Minister, congratulations on your party’s election win. The Association of Canadian Port Authorities looks forward to working with your government in building Canada’s economic capacity and recovery for the benefit of all Canadians coast to coast to coast and ensuring that no one is left behind.


Debbie Murray
Acting President
Association of Canadian Port Authorities


CC. Katie Telford, Chief of Staff, Office of the Prime Minister
Dominic Cormier, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister
Janice Charette, Interim Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
Nathalie G. Drouin, Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council & Associate Secretary
Michael Sabia, Deputy Minister of Finance
Michael Keenan, Deputy Minister of Transport
Peter Wallace, Secretary of the Treasury Board
John Hannaford, Deputy Minister of Trade
Sara Wilshaw, Chief Trade Commissioner of Canada
Simon Kennedy, Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Kelly Gillis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure
Jean-François TremblayDeputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada